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WFTU 2013_05_21 WFTU Mission to Mali.

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WFTU-ICATU Joint Statement May 17 2013.

WFTU-ICATU Joint Statement May 17 2013
A high-level meeting between the ICATU leadership and WFTU Secretariat was hosted on May 17th, 2013 at the Central Offices of the WFTU in Athens, Greece.
Brother Rajab Maatoug, General Secretary of the International Confederation of Arab Trade Unions (ICATU) met with the WFTU General Secretary, George Mavrikos, the Deputy General Secretary Valentin Pacho, Gilda Chacon from CTC Cuba and Arab Relations Consultant, Mohammed Iqnaibi in a highly fraternal spirit.
ICATU and WFTU discussed on the developments in the Arab World and internationally, the role of the two organizations and their strong cooperation. A rich programme of common activities in the arab world and other regions was concluded.
In his statement the ICATU General Secretary noted: "I am very glad for this visit and to meet the General Secretary of the WFTU. The aim of this visit was to exchange the views about the Trade Union Movement around the world and the challenges which the workers are facing during this time. ...

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PAME: Strike at the MEVGAL factory in Athens / Huelga en la industria láctea MEVGAL en Atenas.

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Date: 2013/5/7
Subject: Strike at the MEVGAL factory in Athens_Huelga en la industria láctea MEVGAL en Atenas

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Strike at the MEVGAL factory in Athens


MEVGAL is a company which operates in the Greek dairy industry. It employs 1,100 workers of all specialities. It is the 3rd largest company in the dairy industry and it exports to E.U. countries. MEVGAL dairy company has got seven factories, in Athens, Thessaloniki, Heraklion, Larissa, Xanthi, Katerini, Halkidiki and two subsidiaries in Volos and Chania.

The workers in the MEVGAL factory in Athens are on strike for 10 days, demanding their accrued wages of four months that the employer owes them.

The last General Assembly held with great participation and a unanimous decision was taken for the continuation of their strike struggle until the payment of all the accrued wages by the company. The workers are determined to continue their struggle until they will win and to throw away the employer's efforts to blackmail their return to work without the satisfaction of their fair request.

PAME salutes the MEVGAL workers who give a hard but proud struggle and calls the trade unions to express their class-oriented solidarity.


Huelga en la industria láctea MEVGAL en Atenas


MEVGAL es una empresa que opera en la industria láctea griega y ocupa 1.100 trabajadores de todas las especialidades. Es la tercera empresa más grande en la industria láctea y exporta sus productos a los países de UE. Tiene siete empresas, en Atenas, Salónica, Iraklion, Larisa, Xanthi, Katerini, Khalkidhiki y dos empresas filiales en Volo y Khania.

Los trabajadores de MEVGAL, están en huelga desde hace 10 días, exigiendo sus salarios ya que no les han pagado los últimos tres meses.

En la última asamblea general que se realizó con gran participación decidieron la continuación de la huelga hasta el pago total de lo que la empresa les debe. Los trabajadores están decididos para continuar su lucha hasta su victoria y hasta que derrumban los planes de la patronal que amenazan los trabajadores a regresar a su trabajo sin la satisfacción de sus demandas.

PAME saluda a los trabajadores de MEVGAL que realizan una lucha dificil pero orgulloso y hace un llamado a los sindicatos a expresar su solidaridad de clase.

WFTU: Así celebraron los trabajadores de todo el mundo el Primero de Mayo 2013.

World Federation of Trade Unions te ha invitado a ver una fotografía de su álbum de fotos: 2013 May Day in the world
2013 May Day in the world
de World Federation of Trade Unions
Mensaje de Gustavo Minaya:
Así celebraron los trabajadores de todo el mundo el Primero de Mayo 2013.